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Glenn Bartley

Glenn Bartley is a world renowned professional nature photographer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and his portfolio of hummingbird images.


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Georgina Steytler

Georgina is an award-winning nature photographer a passion for ethics and bird conservation. Her awards include Wildlife Photographer of the Year (London) (first Australian women to win a category), Bird Photographer of the Year (UK)(Creative), Australian Photography Awards (Wildlife), BirdLife Photography (Tom Oliver Award and Best Photo of the Year) and the much coveted Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Portfolio Prize (2016). She is widely published in books and magazines, producing articles, running workshops and giving talks on bird photography throughout Australia. She has been a regular volunteer and long-time member of BirdLife Australia, was previously a committee member and the Competition Co-ordinator for BirdLife Photography and is currently one of the judges of the Australian Bird Photographer of the Year Photo competition  


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Jan Wegener

When I started bird photography, I was immediately drawn to images with smooth out of focus backgrounds and beautiful perches. Since then I have spent countless hours learning how to take such images and how to attract birds to my perches. Many years later, this style has become my trademark and I am working on perfecting it every day. It’s my attempt to blend art and simple photography.


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Vas Smilevski

My name is Vas Smilevski and i’m a self taught photographer. I mainly specialise in bird photography but also very much enjoy capturing insects and other forms of wildlife.

I was born in Sydney Australia and ever since I started to walk I was always fascinated with insects, birds and reptiles in my own suburban backyard.

In 2014 I purchased a mirrorless interchangable lens camera and my love for wildlife photography had started. My goal is to share the beauty of nature’s creatures through photography and capture the moments that are hard to see with the naked eyes.

I think also it’s very important to look after our native wildlife as I couldn’t imagine my children living in a world where a lot of our wildlife have become extinct because people have lost touch with the natural world. If I can make a small difference I think it’s very important and well worth it.


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Ian Wilson

Ian graduated with a PhD in optics in 1977 and spent his professional career working on the design, manufacture and testing of optical systems.  He was the leader of the Optical Systems Engineering team at CSIRO in Melbourne and the Technical Director of a CSIRO spin-off company, Optical Engineering Associates Pty Ltd.  He has been an active birder since childhood and in retirement has spent much of his time absorbed in bird photography.  Many of his images have been published in books, guides, magazines, reports, and used in educational and promotional material.  Ian was the BirdLife Photography Photographer of the Year in 2016 and 2017.  He has a special interest in photographic science and is the author of numerous articles on technical aspects of bird photography. 

 If you want a taste of his stunning images look on the Birdlife Photography webpage.

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Glenn Pure

Photography has been a keen interest since childhood but bird photography didn’t really figure prominently until I got my first DSLR in 2013. I enjoy greatly getting out and seeing birds, the places they live and learning about them although I consider myself a photographer first.  More generally, I’ve had a life-long passion for nature and the natural world and photography of that subject matter.  This also led to involvement in environmental activism during my university years in the 1970s and early 80s in Queensland.

I was born and raised in Brisbane and still visit regularly but have lived in Canberra since, reaching here via the USA and Adelaide.  While I have a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology, I gave away the idea of a research career when I moved to Canberra in 1985 to join the Australian Public Service where I worked in a variety of jobs until retiring in 2013.

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Alex Cearns

Alex has won more than 250 awards for photography, business and philanthropy. Her deep, long term commitment to philanthropy and her advocacy for animal rescue and wildlife conservation were distinguished with a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Australia Day Honours List 2019 from the Council for the Order of Australia for her service to the community through charitable organisations. Her images have appeared in countless Australian and international media publications, on book covers, magazines and in advertising campaigns. They’ve been published in an Australia Post stamp collection, featured on sleepwear ranges by Peter Alexander Pajamas as part of an ongoing collaboration, and included in the ‘Best Dog Photographs in the World’ series by UK magazine Dog’s Today for more than 36 consecutive months.


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Keith Lightbody

I grew up on a farm in Mundijong in Western Australia with a keen interest in nature and flying. I started flying hang gliders in 1976 and this allowed me to spend time in the sky with a variety of birds. As an information technology teacher I taught about the use of digital cameras starting when they were first introduced to consumers in 1994. As digital camera image quality improved I spent a lot of time photographing nature - birds, whales, wildflowers and scenery. One of my specialties is birds in flight which requires a good understanding of camera settings to achieve the best possible results.


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Shelley Pearson

Shelley is an award-winning  Professional Photographer and former School Librarian and lives just out of Perth metro with her husband Kelvin.  She has a striking and vibrant style of image making. She also shares the same passion for our birds and their welfare, as well as sharing her vast skills with others.  Mandurah estuary is one of her favourite areas to shoot as well as travelling into the Kimberley for birds.  

A finalist in numerous Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competitions, recently winning the 2018 Behavioural section of the “Birdlife Wildlife Photographer of the Year” plus other awards. Shelley is well known on Instagram with a following of over 65k.  


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Daniel Mantle

Daniel has been a very keen birder since he was a young lad back in Ireland. He has a particular interest in bird identification, where much of the recent advances are directly linked to the advances in and growth of digital bird photography. This is particularly true of our knowledge of seabirds: both their identification and distribution. Albatrosses, petrels, shearwaters and the other ocean wanderers make remarkable photographic subjects, but the often wild and unpredictable seas surrounding Australia also create a unique set of photographic challenges!


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Simon Cherriman

Simon is an engaging speaker about his passion, the Wedge-tailed Eagle.


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Gary Meredith

Gary is an award winning nature photographer based in Perth who specialises in photographing wildlife in the Australian desert. Gary works on a remote gold mine in the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia where he finds all types of wonderful wildlife to photograph in his spare time. Also, he has been published the last two years running in International Bird Photographer of the year, has been a finalist in Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year in 2017 and 2019 and recently won portrait category in Australian Bird Photographer of the Year.


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Heather Thorning

A dedicated bird photographer producing stunning images.



Photos: Albatross by Nicolas rakotopare
Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet by Chris Firth